Do you have pets?
Do you have a plan for what will happen to your pets if you die or become incapacitated?


If you love your pet(s), then you need a Pet Trust!

Trust Your Pet

Why do you need a pet trust if you have a will?

In every single state, a pet is considered property. Just as you could not leave money to a chair, you also cannot leave money directly to your pet. If you only have a will, your wishes for your pet do not have to be enforced.

The only way to ensure that your pets are properly cared for is with a pet trust.

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With a pet trust you can name a Trustee to enforce the terms of your trust as well as a Caretaker to carry out your wishes and care for your pet.

You can leave money for your pets, as well as detailed instructions about their food, their exercise, even their favorite treats!

Now you can get a pet trust easily and quickly from Spot Magazine's "Top Animal Lawyer" for 2019!

Just fill out our simple questions and your document will be delivered to you.

It's peace of mind for you and your beloved pets.

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